LiveGlam: Dashboard

LiveGlam is a beauty brand from Los Angeles that makes top quality, affordable cruelty-free products.

The LiveGlam Club

The LiveGlam Club is a makeup subscription that releases a new collection every month. Each collection features their best-selling lip products plus other beauty goodies like palettes, brushes, eyelashes and more to complete the look.

LiveGlam makes top quality makeup products that customers love, but in order to keep growing the number of subscribers, having a seamless dashboard experience is essential. An user-friendly dashboard, where you have no difficulty finding what you need and managing your subscription is crucial for acquiring and even more for maintaining members for a long period of time. 



In 2021 LiveGlam changed it’s subscription model and launched the LiveGlam Club. This meant a complete redesign of the dashboard. It’s through the dashboard that members every month view their new collection, where users go to trade products, rate them, redeem rewards, update card, skip or cancel the subscription and more. LiveGlam subscribers have incredible control over their subscription experience and having to reach to Customer Support for help should be the last resort. The goal is always to have users effortlessly do everything they need on their own.

LiveGlam Dashboard
LiveGlam Mobile Dashboard

User Journeys

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to design the dashboard experience for so many different status variations. The user journey of the LiveGlam dashboard has many paths, with users having various actions and completely different needs during each stage.

User journeys created: waitlisted user, active, skipped, failed payment, pending cancel, special offer to recently cancelled and cancelled.

Trading Products

When members don’t like the products from the monthly collection, they are given the option to swap out individual products or trade the whole collection. Along with the dashboard redesign, we also upgraded the Trading Feature to a point based system for trading individual products. We wanted to take the customization of each collection to a whole new level.

Before, items were traded 1 for 1, without taking in consideration their value, but now each product has an amount of points attributed to it. This allows the user to trade 1 more expensive product they are not interested in for 2+ products they really want. Choosing to get a products of a higher value then the one you are swapping out is also possible. When exceeding the quantity of points, users can pay the extra amount in cash or with Reward Points. The new Trading Feature was excellent for the club members, but even more so for business. The result of having more people trading each month, was a decrease in skipped subscriptions.

Whole Set Trade
LiveGlam Individual Trade
Individual Trade


Customer loyalty increases profits, reduces turnover and allows for sustainable growth. A very important part of LiveGlam’s loyalty program are the Rewards users can redeem with the points they accumulate. You can earn points by rating collections, referring friends, on your birthday, and with each monthly package you receive. Every month, the Reward page is updated with new options and with a few clicks it’s possible to exchange your points for more great products.

Rating & Review Feature

Every month users are encouraged to rate and review the products they’ve received. To stimulate users, 25 Reward points are given for every collection rated and these points can be used to redeem rewards. This data helps LiveGlam develop better products and keeps the brand up-to-date on the customer’s desires.


Year: 2021
My Role: Wireframe, UX & UI